About Us

About Us

Our law office centred in Ankara was established by the lawyer Sertaç Yalçın in 2010 so as to provide boutique style law and consultancy services in accordance with the international standards to the national and international illustrious companies, foundations and institutions and local and foreign clients in a globalizing world which is getting more competitive day by day.  

Our law office with its institutional, strong and distinguished staff consist of lawsuit and execution units aims to meet the futuristic requirements of the clients in order not to fall behind the competitive environment and bring into compliance with the globalizing world order. Therefore, our law office constantly renews itself, observes the developments and changes related to law and other fields and makes long term plans. Our law office with its staff specialized at their fields follows changing law norms regularly and gives intensive efforts to improve itself at necessary or foreseen to be needed fields. With this point of view, our law office purposes to be permanent by having the necessary skills to meet the prospective needs of the clients that it provides services.  

 Our law office work in cooperation with the strong law offices from almost every part of Turkey to solve the law problems of our clients quickly all over the country.  

Our law office builds partnerships with the international massive law offices working abroad. Thanks to these business partnerships, our law office has an institutional and international structure and has met the needs of our clients at a much larger geography.  

The principles that our law office focused on as providing services to its clients: 

  • Professionality 

  • Devotion to the legal ethics 

  • Consciousness of result-oriented service 

  • Acquiring fast results 

  • Applying reasonable prices 

  • Establishing transparent and splendid communication with the clients 

  • Finding unique solutions for each client 

  • Guiding the clients with prudential point of view 

  • Pursuing all kinds of improvements and changes and constantly renewing itself 

  • Showing the same care to each client regardless of quality, size or the importance of the case